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We all know the Microsoft Office package well, it has been a sovereign ruler in the office software category for 2 decades and to many people it represents a synonym for this type of programmes and services. And it is definitely entitled to it, starting from the 1990s until today many versions have been issued, each of them more complex and more encompassing than the previous one, and at the same time simpler and more intuitive.

However users become more and more mobile each day and have a need for their programs and services while they are on the move, they need to access them from any location without “slaving “to their static computers. So, in order to satisfy these needs the so called cloud or cloud computing was created. It provides the interested individuals and businessmen with the option to rent out hardware and software without the need to take care of its maintenance, security or upgrading. Office 365 represents such tape of a service package. It encompasses the well known office applications, enriched with additional communication and cooperation tools and all this is placed somewhere in the cloud. The access to it is fast and simple and based on a subscription adjusted to the needs and requirements of the clients.

Microsoft Office 365 was launched two years ago, and at that time it included versions of Exchange, Lync, Web apps and Sharepoint. The services it provides today are adjusted according to the needs of small businesses and individual users. The most notable services are MS Exchange messaging, SharePoint document server, Lync communication server, web conferencing. One very useful feature of Office 365 is that power point has a broadcasting feature which makes it easy to present power point presentations or project across multiple PCs and mobile devices.

Office 365 comes in several subscription plans for home use for up to five devices, for small and medium businesses, universities and enterprises. They all use Skydrive as the cloud storage solution, which states that it provides secure file sharing and around the clock availability. Speaking of around the clock availability Microsoft has a money back uptime guarantee in which they will offer a refund if the consumer does not have constant access to Office 365 whole year round, 7 days of the week. There is also a private cloud service where the consumer has access to their own isolated virtual environment where they have more control over their content.

Office 365 is designed with touch screens in mind, such as tablets and mobile devices, and it guarantees saving money on reallocation especially for small businesses and enterprises and it simplifies planning of the costs. However with all this in mind one would have to ask if they want to put all of their valuable data in the hands of someone else.

The issue about privacy and data control is something that should not be taken lightly. The security and confidentiality of your data should be of paramount importance. Home users as well as CIOs should try before they buy and see if the solutions advertised match their needs.

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