iOS 7.1 – more than a decimal

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 At the time when the new and most improved operative system of Apple appeared on the market under the name iOS 7, the users could really notice the improvements from every aspect of its operation, as well as the pretty modern look  which off course helps improve the overall user experience. But, as any other software package it also was far from ideal or flawless. That is the reason for the appearance of upgrades and improvements which fixed certain flaws and errors. However the first” big” thing was expected from the iOS 7.1 version, and this version joined all previous improvements and functions in one place, including several original improvements and functions published for the first time ever. Let’s review what it’s all about.

Function and speed

According to some measurements iOS 7.1 is the fastest iOS operative system so far. It is 10-20% faster than its predecessor in several functions and the original iOS 7. This means a lot to all users, especially the ones with other iPhone models, such as iPhone 4 and 4s.

As the greatest function I will point out the option to connect with the computer system as well as the entertainment system (infotainment system) on some of the newer automobiles made by companies that Apple has concluded a contract with. It is the CarPlay function which provides wireless connection and synchronization of the telephone in the automobile system and provides safer and easier use of all functions including voice communication, text messages, navigation, multimedia etc. which are currently regulated from the screen build in the car itself.
The next thing worth mentioning is the improved Siri interaction i.e. the voice command system. In the past this system was not aware of the time when you stopped issuing commands and there were always a few unpleasant and sometimes endlessly long seconds before the command itself was processed. Now the command is given by pushing and holding the Home button and it is processed immediately after you let go of the button. This way the system immediately knows when the issuance of the command has been finished.
Despite these, there are several other improvements, mostly for people with eyesight problems, and the bugs and errors which have been determined in the mean time have also been cleared.


It is not all about function and speed however, especially for end users. In the new iOS 7.1 they will notice small but important modifications in the design of the basic as well as specific functions and applications. At first sight most noticeable is the redesign on the conversation controls, now the icons to be used are rounder and simpler. But there are also changes in the calendar applications, the multimedia and the control center. Attention has been paid to the tiniest details as well as the background or the transparency of certain buttons, which speaks mostly about the fact that at the moment iOS 7.1 is the best thing Apple has offered so far, that is until the rumors of iOS 8’s appearance in the future become true, but that is a completely different story.

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