For over 10 years Fridell Technical Solutions operates as a family owned business that strives to bring you a variety of affordable services for your home computers, small businesses and other technical services.

Computer services

In case of computer part malfunction we offer a full computer repair service that will eliminate the problem in the most efficient way possible. Due to constant use the hardware is susceptible to wear and if that is not resolved on time some computer parts break sooner than others, especially the ones with moving parts or parts that have been most subjected to thermal stress.

Our staff is highly trained to install and setup your home and business networks as well as diagnose and fix problems related to the networking infrastructure. We are always available for any advice that you may need.

No need for you to scour online resources on how to install some computer part and risk electric shock or damage to your computer. Our technicians already know the appropriate hardware for your system and will install it in a professional way.

All of the expertise would be meaningless without a qualified diagnostics method. That is why Fridell Technical Solutions puts its emphasis on diligent diagnosing of each system.

Probably the most confusing and frustrating part in setting up your home or small office is the installation of a computer network. A considerable experience is needed to quickly and properly set up a whole network, experience that we have and provide at your disposal.

When it comes to setting up computer hardware, printers seem to have a mind of their own especially when they have to be configured in a network. Just relax and let us put your mind at ease, even when a printer needs to be repaired, there is no reason to be concerned, we are here to help.

Every business needs a reliable and stable server which will coordinate the whole infrastructure. Our technicians are certified to set up your server the way it will suit your business the most.

Whether you are a home user or your business requires you to enable access to your network to employees that are on a remote location, the popularity of Virtual Private Networks speaks to their ever-increasing role in IT infrastructure.

Nowadays the majority of users work on laptops. While portable and convenient, their constant mobility can put strains on them that desktop computers rarely have. We at Fridell Technical solutions recognize this and offer a comprehensive laptop repair service.

Probably the most common computer problems are viruses. The internet is a big place and it is only expanding. Every minute new spyware/trojan scam sites are created and even when you think that you are protected some malicious code may end up on your system.

One very important aspect of your system is the data stored on it – your data. Without it your system is just a piece of hardware, plastic and cables. There is nothing more frustrating than losing everything that you have invested so much time in. That is why we offer a comprehensive data backup service. In the case you haven’t had a suitable data backup and you data got lost, we are here to do whatever it takes to reclaim it.
We are ready to assist you at moment’s notice in case any difficulties or problems arise with your system. By using remote computer access we are able to directly and efficiently ascertain the specific issues that need to be addressed. This is the fastest and most accurate way to diagnose and resolve software problems for our clients at remote locations. Our remote computer access service is easy to use and completely discrete.

List of computer services:

  • Computer Repair
  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Hardware Install
  • Computer Diagnose
  • Network Set up
  • Networking Printer setup
  • Printer Repair
  • Server  Setup
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Laptop Repair
  • Virus Removal
  • Data Backup
  • Data Recovery
  • Remote Computer access


Security cameras

Security is of the utmost significance for your business. It is essential for the security of your property. Therefore Fridell Technical Solutions has trained technicians that will come to your location and perform all necessary services for the installation of the camera system. First of all out team of qualified technicians will install the cameras. Secondly, and as important, is the set up of the camera system. We do not recommend that you do this on your own because due to the way the system is made a misconfigured parameter could cause a great deal of inconveniences in the future.

DVR programming or Digital Video Recorder programming is the setting up of a system that stores the video recordings from the security cameras. It is very important to configure a plan how those recordings are stored and managed because storage is valuable and finite. Different clients prefer to keep the recordings for a day or a week, some up to a month.

NVR programming or Network Video Programming refers to the network infrastructure which facilitates the management and streaming of videos captured by the security cameras over a network. In a diverse and complex environment such systems are necessary because they enable monitoring of larger indoor and outdoor facilities.

Security cameras:

  • Camera System install
  • Camera system setup
  • DVR programing
  • NVR Programing



You ordered phone service and your local phone company has installed a network interface device, a plastic box that is usually mounted on the outside wall, and now you have to set up the lines in your home or office. Maybe you also want to set up additional lines. When it comes to residential phone wiring you want it to be done safely, conveniently and without altering the aesthetics of the space.

The cat 5e and cat 6 cables are used in network installations. The cat 6 cable is a continuation of the 5e (enhanced) standard. Both are used for structured networks such as Ethernet; however the cat 6 is capable of delivering 10 gigabit Ethernet speeds. Fridell Technical Solutions offers professional installation of cat 5e and cat 6 cables and guarantees proper connections to the correct systems. This is another area of networking that you should leave to the professionals because improper handling and installation may lead to reduced performance.

Coaxial cables are widely used as the standard for carrying analog and digital signals, mostly in audio-video systems. Whatever your specific application requires, our technicians are well equipped and knowledgeable to handle all sorts of cabling situations. It is crucial that the coaxial cables be set up properly because even small deviations may cause a significant reduction in picture quality or internet speeds.

In today’s day and age one can never be too careful. Personal and property security is easy to obtain, all you need is proper security wiring. Fridell Technical Solution offers a selection of alarm systems according to your specific needs and the conditions in your facilities. The security wiring services will integrate home and/ or business security in a way that is easy to use and provides you with greater control and safety of your property.

List of wiring services:

  • Phone wiring
  • Cat 5e & Cat 6
  • Coax cabling
  • Security Wiring



No one can dispute the fact that the TV is the central item in every living room. It would therefore make sense for it to be properly positioned and installed so that its viewers would get the best viewing experience as well as not disturb the overall interior design of the space.
Fridell Technical Solutions is experienced in TV mounting and TV set up according to the latest as well as the most widely used standards such as VESA mounting interface.

Just because you have bought a new TV, doesn’t mean that you will get the best picture out of the box. A lot of factors need to be taken into consideration when calibrating the TV to the specific conditions, such as technical capabilities of the equipment as well as the lighting in the room – space. Calibrating a display can be compared to a fine art, especially for professional monitors. Specialized equipment has to be used and detailed tests have to be conducted. In order to have the best picture you should consult with the best.

Lately it seems that we have a remote for everything, one for your TV, one for your TiVo, another for the stereo, DVD player etc. The good news is that now we can help you program a remote with which you will be able to control all the devices you want, and the best part about it is that you won’t even have to lift a finger.

So now that you have your TV properly mounted and calibrated, and can easily control it with your newly programmed remote, the only thing that is missing is a sound that will inspire you. Fridell Technical Solutions want to help you install your surround sound system that will live up to and even exceed your expectations, because a good sound is an important part of the picture.

List of TV services:

  • TV mounting
  • TV Set up
  • TV calibrating
  • Program Remote
  • surround sound install